5 Popular Destinations Where You Need A Visa For 90 Days Or Less

I cannot tell you how many times clients have come to me wanting to travel abroad, and I say, “you know you need a visa right?” A lot of travelers are not aware of the visa requirements in some of the most common destinations. This is why I’ve tallied up a list of the 5 most popular places where a visa is required for traveling for 90 days or less.


Nemo didn’t need a visa to get to the land down under, but it doesn’t mean you don’t!

If you are traveling for business or pleasure 90 days or less, you can obtain an ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) visa. Check out itseasy.com to learn more and apply.


2. Brazil

With its vibrant cities and white-sand beaches, it’s no wonder travelers would want to explore this beautiful country in South America.

Brazil visas can get a bit complex- there is the traditional paper visa, and then there is an e-visa. Watch this video to understand the difference between the two, and what you need for your trip.



Who wouldn’t want to go to the largest country where vodka is as available as toothpaste?

Like Brazil, Russia’s visa situation is a bit complicated. There are several visa options, including a new “Casual Business” (AIM Tourist) visa- check out this tutorial to find out the difference between each.


4. India

A spiritual, artistic land filled with ancient traditions and spices, India is a one of the most popular places travelers need a visa.

Similar to Brazil, there are traditional visas and e-visas. Apparently the e-visa is super easy, but the traditional visa is a little bit more complicated. This video can explain what you need.

5. China (also known as Gyna)

This magical, ancient country is not only a popular vacation spot, but is notorious for business travel as well.

This video will help describe the issues you can come across while trying to obtain a Chinese visa, and will demonstrate how to mitigate any complications from occurring.

Although I have named only 5 hot-spot destinations where you would need a visa when traveling, there are many other countries, such as Saudi Arabia and Viet Nam where a visa is required. To apply for a visa and understand which type of visa is right for you, check out itseasy.com, or call me!

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