How Do You Cope With Reality After Coming Back From Vacation?

It’s been over a month since I’ve gotten back from my honeymoon, and the withdrawal is REAL. Basking in the French Polynesian sun, and climbing the snow-capped New Zealand mountains was a three week fairytale. Now, coming back to reality and routine is HARD! 

So how does one cope when coming back from a honeymoon or long vacation? Here are some tips that have worked for me thus far:


1) get busy

Be productive, delve into your work, and be present.

Usually when people come back from vacation, their inbox is flooded up to the wazoo- and this is actually a good thing!

Although it can feel overwhelming to come back to so much work, remember it’s better to be productive than to be sitting alone reflecting on how much you miss martinis on the beach. Although day dreaming can be a calming effect, it can also make us feel depressed and not appreciate what we have in front of us.


2) try and plan your honeymoon or vacation close to the holidays

I am extremely mindful of timing when planning vacations. If you have the flexibility when you can take your vacation, try to do it either before the holiday season or in the summer. Why? Because most people have the holidays off anyway, plus you’re coming back to a festive season. In the summer, everyone is in a good mood, so you’re not only coming back to a cheerful environment, but great weather too.


3) throw a welcome back party

There’s nothing like surrounding yourself with your loved ones to get you happy again. This is especially true for honeymooners.

Honeymooners have just come off the high of their wedding, which was filled with all the people they love in one room. Throwing a welcome back party or a dinner allows you to feel that high again (on a lower scale), but still gets you excited about sharing your trip with your support system.


4) relax

Make sure you take a few nights after you get back to unwind.

You might be suffering from jet lag, so taking time to either do a spa day or just Netflix and chill is a good idea.

5) plan another trip!


It’s always important to have something to look forward to. I know, I know, you just came back from a HUGE trip, how can you possibly think about taking another one? Don’t worry, you don’t have to completely empty your savings account. You can take a quick weekend getaway at a cozy inn, or even plan a day trip to go hiking. There’s always an economical way to recharge your batteries.

Coming back from your honeymoon or vacation can be depressing and overwhelming, but following these tips and tricks will hopefully make it easier for you to adjust back to reality.

Feel free to contact me for recommendations, suggestions, or to help plan your next escape!

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