Honeymoon Advice From Newlyweds

Throughout my career, I’ve had the privilege of working with various couples to plan their dream honeymoon. I decided it was time to share a love story from one of my favorite couples I recently worked with, who just came back from a Mediterranean cruise and Greece.

I interviewed Robert and Princess Kerins, who met in New York City back in 2010. Princess was 21, and decided to visit friends during her last semester of undergrad, while Rob was 23, starting off his career at UNICEF as a Program Assistant. After an amazing six years, Rob proposed on a Puerto Rican beach, and the wedding and honeymoon planning began.

Photo By:  Windstar Cruises

Ilana: Why did you decide to do a cruise and then Greece?

Princess: Early on in our relationship Rob and I went on a cruise to the Caribbean, and after a trip to ring stores, he said if the time ever came, we should do a Mediterranean cruise. So naturally after Rob proposed, we immediately knew we had to make our dreams come true.


Since most cruises leave on Sunday, we initially thought we may not be able to make it work right after the wedding. We thought we’d have to return to work and leave for the honeymoon a bit later. Then Rob met you, and you saved the day! You were able to put the PERFECT itinerary together for us.

We also wanted to make sure we ended our honeymoon in a relaxing destination. So Rob worked with you to make Santorini happen after our cruise. It was the perfect combination of activity, exploration and relaxation.

Ilana: Why use a travel agent? What’s the benefit?

Princess: We had never used a travel agent before, but now we know why people do! You helped us put together an itinerary that made sense for us- we wouldn’t have been able to do it without you. You were very knowledgeable about the locations, and gave us great recommendations for food and accommodations.

Robert and Princess Kerins on board the Windstar Surf- Yachtman's Harbors of the Rivieras

Robert and Princess Kerins on board the Windstar Surf- Yachtman's Harbors of the Rivieras

Ilana: What honeymoon advice do you have for newly engaged couples?

Princess: Make sure your honeymoon makes sense for YOU! If you both have always wanted to zip line in the rainforest, hop around to different cities, or just sit on the beach, make sure your honeymoon reflects that. Sometimes you want different things and that is okay- create an itinerary that encompasses BOTH people, and you will surely have the best time of your life, TOGETHER. Oh, and if you go the active route, I suggest taking at least a day or two at the end to relax by the beach - the struggle is real going back to work afterwards.

Ilana: What’s one thing you learned about each other on your honeymoon that you didn’t know before?

Princess: We learned that we haven’t stopped falling in love with each other. Every day we fall a bit more (as cliché as that sounds). Hear me out- when you are together for eight years, and go on a two-week vacation spending every moment together, you might think you’d be ready to get back to your regular routine. On the contrary, we were just constantly reminded of all the things we love about each other.

Ilana: What’s on your bucket list for your next big trip?

Princess: My husband and I are embarking on the trip of a lifetime- we are moving to London! My bucket list is to travel to as many countries as I can before we settle down and start making some kiddos!

After the interview, I reflected on what Mrs. Kerins said about arranging a honeymoon that make sense for the couple. I get clients who know exactly what they’d like to do, and other times I get clients who need my guidance because they have no idea what they want. There is always a balance, and by working with me, we can create a honeymoon together that makes sense for YOU.

Robert and Princess Kerins in Santorini, Greece

Robert and Princess Kerins in Santorini, Greece

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