Loss can motivate us to become the best version of ourselves.  Reflection and nostalgia can be the fire that lights a spark leading us towards enlightenment and productivity. Oreo, my dog of eighteen years who passed away this week, is the fuel to my fire for writing this article. 

I hope none of you ever have to deal with the loss of a pet, but I’m sure many of you have, and know how unimaginable the pain can be. All we can do is remember the good times when they salivated over a rotisserie chicken, and thank our pets for teaching us patience, loyalty, and the ability to love outside of ourselves.

After reminiscing about all of the incredible adventures we had with Oreo, I thought about all of the pet owners out there who still have time to make new memories with their beloved canines. Take your dog on an adventure! But remember, your best furry friend can turn into your worst nightmare if you don't plan accordingly, so make sure to follow these three tips to make traveling easier with your pet.  




Imagine heading to airport security wheeling your carry-on, holding a heavy backpack or purse, and trying to get out your boarding pass while simultaneously holding a dog? Although we sometimes think of ourselves as superheroes, this is indeed a recipe for disaster. 

The Sherpa Bag was a lifesaver when traveling with Oreo. Although he was resistant to the enclosed space at first, Oreo started looking forward to entering the Sherpa after treats were sprinkled into the bag prior to his travels. We also gave Oreo antihistamines to calm him down prior to flying, so make sure to talk to your vet about medications to help your pet relax before going away. 

Most major airlines have approved this bag for use, but you can also use the bag on a bus, in a mall, and on a car ride. The Sherpa comes in sizes small, medium, and large, and is perfect for pets up to 22 lbs.





When my parents and I would venture to the Hamptons for a day trip with Oreo, we never left home without this portable, eco-friendly, light weight, collapsible travel cup. 

We would plan ahead for pit stops (this is important) at gas stations, parks, and beaches, and would latch the cup onto Oreo's leash in case he got thirsty during his stroll.

I recommend anyone taking long car rides to bring this cup with them- there's nothing like reusing a dirty, plastic cup- yuck!




A few months back, my fiancé and I took Oreo for a hike in New Jersey using the doggy stroller. Oreo had trouble walking during the last year of his life, so the stroller was a convenient way for us to keep him active on family outings. Although Oreo wanted to jump out of the stroller at times (really every 5 minutes), the mesh screen windows zippered to prevent him from falling out. 

The stroller is weather resistant, easy to fold, and is perfect for smaller dogs.


Photo by:  ASB Photography

I hope this article was helpful to new and familiar pet owners.  Feel free to message me about pet friendly hotels that we partner with if you're looking to get away with your furry friend!

Thank you to Taryn Blank for the article suggestion, and to all the people who have been supportive throughout this hard time.


~In loving memory of Oreo Mugsy Mollick~

All photos are credited to their original source, which is hyperlinked above the picture.




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