According to the dictionary, the term mini-moon refers to, “a short break spent together by a newly married couple, typically in advance of a longer vacation to be taken at a later date.” Although this is the technical definition of the millennial phrase, let’s not discriminate already married couples from partaking in a mini-celebration of their past nuptials. Whether you walked down the aisle two days ago or thirty years ago, everyone deserves a mini-moon.


Photo Courtesy of Demetria Estate

Photo Courtesy of Demetria Estate

Okay great, so where should I go?

Somewhere that exceeds your expectations. Somewhere like Santa Ynez. 

Despite the unprecedented natural disasters that the region of Santa Barbara, California recently faced, the resilient community has made a thriving recovery. This hidden gem is about 50 miles outside of Santa Barbra wine country, and is home to 125 wineries. Competing with Napa for its breathtaking rolling hills, fine wines, and friendly locals, Santa Ynez is less touristy than its neighboring counterparts.  


where to stay

The Santa Ynez Inn of course.

Want to feel like Cinderella after she married the Prince? This enchanting inn will make you feel like you are in a real-life fairytale. 

Photos Courtesy of Santa Ynez Inn

Photos Courtesy of Santa Ynez Inn

The staff could not be more gracious and accommodating, and the property itself could not be more charming. The food is fresh and delicious. Breakfast, and afternoon wine and pastries are served in the main dining room. You can cozy around the fireplace and raise your glass to relaxation. 

The rooms are spacious, and quaint. You can even take hot bath while watching the electric fireplace glisten in the background.


Where to eat


Just around the corner (walking distance) from the Santa Ynez Inn is a hidden local hotspot called SYKitchen. Their rustic, farm-to-table atmosphere combined with their modern Italian style menu makes for a perfect romantic night out. Their brick oven pizza is phenomenal, and their wine selection is sourced from local vineyards. 

**Photos Courtesy of SYKitchen.


Best Winery

Demetria Estate.

Photo Courtesy of of Mike Larson Photography

Photo Courtesy of of Mike Larson Photography

My fiancé and I stumbled upon Demetria Estate by accident.

We were introduced to this winery by one of the fellow workers at a local tasting room. The worker told us about an incredible, secret winery and said we could only get in if we had a reservation. After a bit of schmoozing, the worker was kind enough to call his friend (who worked at Demetria’s), and put in a good word for us. The next thing we knew, we were driving through the winding hills overlooking wine country, up to the estate.

When we got out of the car, we were stunned by the beauty of the landscape, and quickly stole the only open table on the patio we could find. We ordered a bottle of rosé, listened to live music and then strolled among the vineyard to explore the rest of the property.

Two bottles of wine later, we decided to go back to the hotel and order in Dominos (yes, Dominos delivers to hotels). Maybe I’m old fashioned, but to me that was a perfect day, and will remain one of the best memories I have with my fiancé.

Photo Courtesy of Demetria Estate

Photo Courtesy of Demetria Estate

Santa Ynez is just one of the many hidden gems around the world that I would recommend for a mini-moon. If you can afford to get away, I suggest taking a mini-moon every 3-6 months.  Traveling with your partner is an important part of keeping a relationship alive and new, and making fresh memories helps strengthen the bond couples long to form throughout marriage.

If you feel like replicating this romantic adventure, feel free to contact me for special offers. More posts to come about other secret and hot destinations where you can maximize your mini-moon.