Last weekend, my fiancé and I decided to venture out of the box, and try out Amenia, NY.  Amenia who?  Does anyone even know where that is?  I sure didn't, but I am soooo glad my mom (retired travel agent) gave me the scoop on this hidden gem, because this place was beyond magical.

So where did We stay? 

Photos Courtesy of Troutbeck

Photos Courtesy of Troutbeck

Troutbeck is a newly renovated ($16 million worth of renovations I might add) resort located in the mountains of Amenia, NY.  With its charming aesthetic and intimate staff, this hotel pretty much has everything you would want and more for a weekend getaway.

Just two and a half hours from NYC, the hotel harbors its own unique culinary experience. The restaurant is worth the trek, even if you don't stay at Troutbeck.  With its locally sourced ingredients, this farm-to-table restaurant has the freshest food, and is extremely allergy friendly (hint hint gluten, dairy, etc.).

The weather was nice enough to sit outside, so my fiancé and I lounged by the fire pit for a leisurely cocktail before it was time for our meal. With the birds chirping, and the smell of camp fire, we felt like we were at a glorified sleep away camp. 

Besides the service and food, the property itself is most enchanting. The array of activities varies from tennis, to biking, to lounging at the swimming pool (with a DJ on hand on Fridays), and cultivates a diverse crowd from couples to families to pets! 

SO what Else did we do?

We decided to take the jump (literally), and opted for a horseback riding lesson with Cari Swanson. Cari is not only the nicest person you'll ever meet, but she breeds and trains horses- she even trains film stars to ride on movie sets! 

I haven't rode a horse in 18 years, so you can imagine how nervous I was to hop on a saddle again. However, as soon as I mounted onto my horse, Diamond, my fear quickly subsided, and I was able to trot freely with a smile. 

What Else...

Photo Courtesy of MillbrookWinery

Photo Courtesy of MillbrookWinery

After horsing around, my fiancé and I headed over to Millbrook Winery- by far one of the most beautiful vineyards I've ever been to. We did a tasting, laid out on the grandiose lawn, and listened to jazz music while sipping the vineyard's home grown Chardonnay. It was romantic, magical, and nobody wined about it. 

And Last but not least...

We ended our beautiful weekend with brunch at Back in the Kitchen, an organic, gluten free-vegan cafe. Their gluten free, coconut, blueberry muffin was out of this world, and their eggs were as fluffy as they come.

After fueling up our bodies with some grub, we decided to bring it home with a three mile hike...up a mountain. If you know anything about me, you know that three months ago I couldn't have done this hike, for real. And if you've been following my Instagram lately, you also know that with my program kicking my butt, I was able to climb the mountain with breaking a very little sweat. 

The hike turned into a beautiful metaphor, as the view from the top posed as the light at the end of the tunnel for a strenuous climb. In life, we often face challenges and think we are incapable of overcoming them. Maybe it's too hard, maybe it's too painful, but in the end, we CAN push through, if we don't give up, keep fighting, and keep climbing!  


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