Ciao Bella- The Amalfi Experience

There are few places in my life that I've been to where I said, “Somebody pinch me.” The Amalfi Coast was one of those places.


So Where Did We Stay? 

In Capri: The Quisisana of course! Known to have welcomed guests like Jackie O, this classic, 5-Star Hotel has by far the best location on the island.  Walking distance from the shopping district and main square, The Quisisana dominates the historic area of Capri. The service at the hotel is unmatchable; every concierge knows your name, and every guest is treated like royalty. The rooms are a bit tired, but the views are spectacular, and as a package, overall worth the stay.


In Ravello: Palazzo Avino.  Scented with pink roses upon arrival, the hotel's entrance is breathtaking. The resort is built into a mountain, and rests on different levels, which means....? A plethora of incredible views. From swimming in the pool on the lower level, to bathing in the solarium on the top, your eyes are blinded by the beauty. Our favorite part of the stay though was visiting the hotel’s exclusive beach club (only a 15 minute shuttle ride away), where guests have complimentary access to the various beach platforms.


So, What Did We Do?


Capri: Besides stuffing our face with gelato (dairy free for me!) at Bounocore, the first thing we did was sit at a café in the town square, and people watched. Yep, we totally stalked people from afar and it was freakin’ awesome. We then got lost in the winding, cobble stone streets, and found ourselves in a gourmet chocolate shop (YUM). 

The next day we rented a boat for 8 hours, and toured all of the grottos- yes there is more than just one grotto. The Blue Grotto, which was the coolest experience by the way, and a MUST, has a line as long as the Great Wall of China, so make sure you leave ample time for waiting. Also, the tide has to be PERFECT, so make sure you ask your concierge when the right day is to go visit. 

Ravello: Still stuffed our faces with gelato, but this time we charted a boat on our OWN (yes, my fiancé was the captain, now), and sailed along the Mediterranean. We explored the islands of Li Galli, visited Positano, and drove along the Amalfi to Sorento.

Where Did We Eat?


Capri: My favorite restaurant was Il Geranio because of the view. The food was spectacular, and their chicken was the most tender breast I ever tasted. Other recco’s include: Villa Verde (casual), Da Giorgio (romantic), Lo Sfizio (a hole in the wall, but the best pizza on this planet), Da Paolino (aka The Lemon Restaurant).

Ravello: My favorite restaurant was Mimi’s because their pizza was phenomenal, and the ambiance was charming. Other recco’s include: Rossellinis (expensive, but the most spectacular view), Garden Restaurant (great food and view), Cumpa Cosimo (casual, authentic, family-run restaurant). All of these dining spots are walking distance from the hotel- I'm a woman of convenience, can you blame me?


Saying arrivederci to the Amalfi was extremely difficult, but I know we will get back their again. In like, two years. 

If you are looking to go on a honeymoon, mini/baby-moon, or just need to get away and eat some pizza, message me, and I'll be sure you can say Ciao to the most incredible trip of your life!

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