West Village Coffee Shops Worth The Caffeine


Some people are wine snobs, some people are coffee snobs- I am guilty of being both. As a travel agent that works remotely, having a go-to coffee shop is crucial to my productivity, sanity, and palette. So, it was only fitting that I sniff out every coffee shop in my neighborhood (the West Village) where I could get my sh*t done while having my espresso.

Below are my favorite neighborhood coffee spots listed in order of favorite.

AD HOC Collective

Hidden below street level, above a clothing store on Christopher Street, this hidden gem is near and dear to my heart. Not only is the atmosphere cute and cozy, but the owner and staff are people I now call friends. Ad Hoc takes pride in their local clientele, and us regulars now have a spot to drink incredible coffee and eat delicious food while chit chatting about neighborhood events.

BONUS: everything in the store is for sale!! This includes paintings, furniture, coffee mugs, etc. So sometimes when I walk in, the chair I once sat on is replaced by an antique sofa.

Joe Coffee Company

Many of you might be familiar with Joe (pun intended). This coffee shop has a bunch of locations in NYC, but my favorite is the one on Waverly Place. Things I love about this shop:

  • There’s a communal water cooler, so you can hydrate yourself.

  • They have DF and GF pastries!

  • The view- the shop looks like it could be part of a movie set. The exterior is livened with plants, and gives a true ‘West Village’ vibe. You can sit by the window, look out onto a beautiful NYC street, and feel like you are in a Woody Allen film.


The stirring is real y’all. Like Joe, Jack’s also had a bunch of NYC locations, but my favorite is the one on Downing Street. Why I go to Jack’s:

  • It’s tiny. Now some people like space, but when I’m working, the less people the better. This shop isn’t conducive for sitting, so I pride myself on stealing pretty much the only seat by the window and staying there for hours.

  • Their coffee is organic!

  • In the summer you can sit outside.

O cafe

Ooooo yeah! This coffee shop not only puts on a fresh pot, but it also sells ceramics- they’re brew-ti-ful. With only two NYC locations, the one in the Village is my main squeeze. Why I go to O;

  • It’s a bright space, and brightness makes people happy.

  • They have a great menu- try the coconut rice.

  • Their iced coffee is my perfect blend.

I am leaving the West Village soon for the Upper West Side, and I will truly miss rotating these shops on a daily basis. On the other hand, I will be able to explore new shops in a new neighborhood, which will add to the thrill of a new chapter for my hubby and I :)

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