Family Luxury Villas

Do you have a big family? Lots of grandkids, siblings, or children? If you answered yes to any of those three questions, then a luxury villa rental is the perfect solution to your next family vacay.

But what sort of villa is do I need? Great question! I am so glad you came to the villa matchmaker because I partner with tons of villas, and provide recommendations based on family circumstances and preferences.

Below are my three favorite villas to feature based on: if someone in your family is pregnant, if someone in your family has little kids, and if your entire family is tagging along on your getaway.

if you or someone in your family is pregnant

Photo By: The Resort at Pelican Hill

Photo By: The Resort at Pelican Hill

Pelican Hill - New Port Beach, CA

This extraordinary Southern California resort is the perfect place to feel at home while on vacation. With expansive views of the Pacific Ocean, the resort offers 128 villas with staff ranging from waiters to doormen to butlers.

So why is this a good spot for pregnant ladies?

  • The Golden State is Zika free!

  • It’s an easy plane ride. Most flights go directly to LA, and are only 5-6 hours if you are in the US.

  • You won’t have to lift a finger with a butler by your side ;)

For families with little ones

The Ocean Club Four Seasons - Bahamas

Photo By: Ocean Club, Four Seasons

Photo By: Ocean Club, Four Seasons

Set along the white-sand beach on Paradise Island, this resort connects Caribbean enchantment with the classic beauty of Versailles-inspired lawns and gardens.

So why does this destination do it for kiddies?

  • The resort offers tons of children’s amenities including: a complimentary kids club, afternoon milk and cookies, and a bottle warmer.

  • There is no shortage of babysitting services.

  • There are three different pools! One for kids, one for adults, and one for the whole family.

for the multigenerational family

Le Sereno - St. Barthelemy

Photo By: Hotel Le Sereno

Photo By: Hotel Le Sereno

This stunning hotel offers villas with five star amenities, overlooking the remote Grand Cul de Sac. This is the perfect place to entertain plenty of guests.

So why is this place good for the whole fam?

  • There’s lots of space! The villas have expansive terraces, and the dining table on the deck seats eight people comfortably. There is also a lounge, wet-bar, ice maker, refrigerator, and BBQ with a separate powder room.

  • Expedited traveling process for the whole family. There is exclusive VIP assistance when transferring in the St. Maarten airport, and round-trip chauffer service from St Barth Airport to the hotel.

  • The resort provides a complimentary rental car so you can explore the island with the entire family!

Thinking of booking one of these villas for your next family ? Be sure to message me so I can add special amenities for you!

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