First Time Babymooners Listen Up!

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Okay, so you just found out you’re pregnant. You’re either extremely elated, freaking out, or a little bit of both. The first three months of pregnancy crawl by with nausea and vomiting, and at around 14 weeks the dark cloud of morning sickness lifts, and you actually feel human again. This is what I call the pregnancy “glory days”- the time when you can enjoy your baby in your belly, your partner, and of course, plan and take your babymoon!

For those of you who may not be familiar, a babymoon is a personally designed vacation for you to bond with your baby and work those relaxation muscles to prepare for baby’s birth. It’s extremely important for you to feel serene at this time in your pregnancy. Afterall, a happy mama is a happy baby!

Some of you may or may not know, but I am quite the planner. Before I even got pregnant, I planned my babymoon (yes, I’m a whacko). My husband and I were trying for exactly one month, and I thought to myself “just in case I get preggers, where should we go this summer?” (By the way, this could have somewhat backfired if I didn’t get pregnant, but better to be safe than sorry- glad I took my own advice on this one).

After doing an abundance of research, we landed on California. I thought that if we couldn’t make it to Europe this summer (a personal preference; I felt safer being within my own country), the Golden State was the closest place to the beauty we longed for within the U.S. So, I took the two weeks we had set aside, and road mapped our way down the Pacific Coast Highway, making stops along the way.

Our babymoon is in August, but I’m going to share with you some of the hotels we are staying at in California. However, I will also be recommending other hotels in zika-free destinations (with a 7 hour or less flight time from NYC) for you to consider if you are planning your babymoon. Here we go!








With strategic alliances around the globe, I’m confident that I can make your babymoon as relaxing as your delivery (just kidding, but practicing tranquility doesn’t hurt). In working together, we can help you show off that bump in all the right places, and drink all of the mocktails you desire.

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