Jerusalem and Tel Aviv


An Overview

The Holy Land is a sacred place that encompasses everyone despite ethnicity, race, or religion. Although there are many cities to visit in Israel, my personal favorites have been Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

Jerusalem is the birthplace of of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam alike. Walk through the Old City, explore the Jewish Quarter, and if you really want to bawl your eyes out, go to the Holocaust Museum, Yad Vashem.

Stay at the King David Hotel for a five star experience and centralized location.

Tel Aviv is the Miami meets Santa Monica Blvd of Israel. This chic city has a modern flair compared to that of Jerusalem. Dine at trendy restaurants like Dinings at the Norman Hotel, and stay at The InterContinental David along the Mediterranean coastline.


Families. Why? Because TRADITION people! Israel is a cultural experience that brings you closer together with the people you travel with. There’s nothing like exploring your heritage and riding camels with the people who changed your diapers.